All Hallows Eve – 2021

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Harry Potter and the High Inquisitor’s Reign of Chaos
Influenced by the works of J.K. Rowling
October 15-16, 2021
Naper Settlement’s Century Memorial Chapel




In Alphabetical Order

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Professor McGonnagall Name
Professor Dumbledore Name
Professor Trelawney Name
Hermione Granger Name
Harry Potter Name
Ron Weasley Name
Sirius Black Name
Argus Filch Name
Professor Snape Name
Professor Umbridge Name
Ginny Weasley Name
Luna Lovegood Name
Colin Creevey Name
Lucius Malfoy  Name

Staff & Crew

Production Staff

Director, Costume Designer Kris Visher
Technical Director, Set Designer Chris Wych
Light Designer Bob Haddleton
Sound Designer, Stage Manager Timothy Ray
Hair and Make-up Designer Diane Link

Technical Crew

Lights/Sound/Crew Timothy Ray, Chris Wych, Jacob Wych
Costume Crew Kris Visher
Hair and Make-up Crew Diane Link