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Follow a distraught Dorothy Gale as she is swept away on an adventure over the rainbow. Dorothy begins a journey down the Yellow Brick Road to get back home. With a new group of friends, ruby slippers, and her brains, heart, and courage in tow, not even a Wicked Witch can keep her from discovering the magical power of home.

RSC 1987 version licensed through Tams-Witmark


January 10 (Friday) 7:30pm

January 11 (Saturday) 1:30pm

January 11 (Saturday) 6:30pm

January 12 (Sunday) 1:30pm*


January 17 (Friday) 7:30pm

January 18 (Saturday) 1:30pm

January 18 (Saturday) 6:30pm*

January 19 (Sunday) 1:30pm

January 2020
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*Sign language interpreter(s) will be present at two performances (Jan 12, 1:30pm & Jan 18, 6:30pm). A section of seating will be reserved for the deaf and hard of hearing.


Performances are at Naperville Central High School Auditorium.

440 West Aurora Avenue, Naperville, IL 60540

The Auditorium is located at the north west end of the building near the intersection of Aurora Ave and West St.

Ticket Information

Wizard of Oz ticketsNaperville Park District website

Click here to head to the Naperville Park District website and get yours today.
Or you can reserve tickets by calling the Naperville Park District at (630) 848-5000 Mon-Fri 8:30AM-5:00PM and Saturday 9:00AM-12:00PM.

Adults pay the same as children.
All tickets are $13 in advance when purchased until 4pm on the Friday of the that weekends’ performances or $15 at the door.

How to Purchase Tickets for a Magical Starlight Theatre Production (click here)
NPD code Date Day Time
42337 Jan 10 Friday 7:30 pm
42338 Jan 11 Saturday 1:30 pm
42339 Jan 11 Saturday 6:30 pm
42340 Jan 12 Sunday 1:30 pm
42341 Jan 17 Friday 7:30 pm
42342 Jan 18 Saturday 1:30 pm
42343 Jan 18 Saturday 6:30 pm
42344 Jan 19 Sunday 1:30 pm

Production Staff

  • ProducerEmily Walker
  • DirectorKris Visher
  • Assistant DirectorGeorgia Cotler
  • Music DirectorJohn Apple
  • ChoreographyVictoria Zielinski
  • Scenic Design & Technical DirectorChris Wych
  • Production Manager & Stage ManagerTimothy Ray
  • Lighting DesignBob Haddleton
  • Costume DesignKris Visher
  • Hair/Makeup DesignDiane Link
  • Sound DesignMarty Lick
  • Properties/Set DecorationJody Lee, Rosanne McCallion, Jennifer Ramey
  • Costume CoordinatorsDonna Kent, Beth Lee
  • Assistant Music DirectorLeigh Apple
  • Production AssistantSimone Pacha

Cast List

In Alphabetical Order

Janaki Amerson City Father Munchkin/Flying Monkey
Samantha Anders Munchkin/Flying Monkey
Shera Andrews Crow/Poppy/Ozian/Jitterbug
Amy Arbizzani Tree/Optimistic Voices/Ozian
Brenna Backhaus Crow/Poppy/Ozian/Jitterbug
Brook Backhaus Munchkin/Flying Monkey
Brett Baleski Zeke/Lion
Andrea Behegan Gough Glinda
Tessa Belter Lullaby Munchkin/Flying Monkey
Allison Broschka City Father Munchkin/Flying Monkey
Valerie Broschka Tree/Optimistic Voices/Ozian
Nicholas Carnahan Coroner Munchkin/Flying Monkey
Makenna Case Crow/Poppy/Ozian/Jitterbug
Nicholas Chen Lollipop Munchkin/Flying Monkey
Brady Cotler Twister/Ozian/Winkie
Georgia Cotler Aunt Em/Tree/Optimistic Voices/Ozian
Luke Diendorf Lollipop Munchkin/Flying Monkey
Will Diendorf Lollipop Munchkin/Flying Monkey
Andy Emmerich Twister/Ozian/Winkie General
Allison Fosdick Tree/Optimistic Voices/Ozian
Elliot Gallegos Twister/Ozian/Winkie
Gretchen Gannon Brush Up Ozian
Mark Geiger Polisher Ozian
Joy Haddleton Munchkin/Flying Monkey
Ava Hendren Crow/Poppy/Ozian/Jitterbug
Jay Hruska Uncle Henry/Ozian/Winkie
Emily Huff City Father Munchkin/Flying Monkey
Heather Hutchison Miss Gulch/Wicked Witch
Meaghan Inglis Crow/Poppy/Ozian/Jitterbug
Tracy Kay Tree/Optimistic Voices/Ozian
Sadie Keeling Nikko/Crow/Poppy/Ozian
Hannah Kennedy Tree/Optimistic Voices/Ozian
Christopher Kenny Munchkin/Flying Monkey
William Lardner Barrister Munchkin/Flying Monkey
Ava Lee Lullaby Munchkin/Flying Monkey
Emma Lee Dorothy
Mia Lee Crow/Poppy/Ozian/Jitterbug
Noelle Maher Crow/Poppy/Ozian/Jitterbug
Luke McClure Twister/Ozian/Winkie
Skylar McClure Crow/Poppy/Ozian/Jitterbug
Trish Micus Brush Up Ozian
Paul Mullen Professor Marvel/Oz
Kathy Musselman Tree/Optimistic Voices/Ozian
Katie Paulsen Brush Up Ozian
Tom Paulsen Polisher Ozian
Holly Reidy Tree/Optimistic Voices/Ozian
Geon Ruffin Hunk/Scarecrow
James Saylor Emerald City Guard/Winkie
Darby Schober Tree/Optimistic Voices/Ozian
Charlie Scriven-Young Mayor Munchkin/Flying Monkey
Nikki Srail Tree/Optimistic Voices/Ozian
Elisabeth Torbett Lullaby Munchkin/Flying Monkey
Stuart Vance Hickory/TinMan
Shannon Webb Brush Up Ozian