All Hallows Eve – 2018

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Harry Potter and the Hidden Horcrux
Influenced by the works of J.K. Rowling
October 19-20, 2018
Naper Settlement’s Century Memorial Chapel


In Alphabetical Order

Nearly Headless Nick Eddie Green
Ron Weasley Mark Haddleton
Muggle Student/Dementor Sophie Hamidi
Dolores Jane Umbridge Jill Hruska
Lucius Malfoy Jay Hruska
Hermione Granger Emma Hutchison
Bellatrix Lestrange Heather Hutchison
Ginny Weasley Jayci Jeffirs
Draco Malfoy Daniel Keeling
Penny Haywood (FG) Addison Kyrychenko
Seamus Finnigan William Lardner
Minerva McGonagall Kathy Mussleman
Fat Lady Who Sings Amber Miller
Professor Trelawney Rosanne Mccallion
Pansy Parkinson Lucy Murphy
Molly Weasley Kate Ray
Professor Flitwick Joe Ray
Helena Ravenclaw Darby Schober
Lavender Brown Ariana Samonds
Vincent Crabbe Charlie Scriven-Young
Harry Potter Henry Scriven-Young
Gregory Goyle Madalynn Travnicek
Muggle Student/Dementor Kailynn Travnicek, Ryan Valecek
Albus Dumbledore Stuart Vance
Fenrir Greyback Jim Visher
Quirinus Quirrell Alex Vjestica
Pomona Sprout Alice Wych

Staff & Crew

Production Staff

Director, Costume Designer Kris Visher
Technical Director, Set Designer Chris Wych
Light Designer Bob Haddleton
Sound Designer, Stage Manager Timothy Ray
Hair and Make-up Designer Diane Link

Technical Crew

Lights/Sound/Crew Timothy Ray, Chris Wych, Jacob Wych
Costume Crew Kris Visher
Hair and Make-up Crew Diane Link