All Hallows Eve – 2016

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Potter Fate – Death by Prophecy
Influenced by the works of J.K. Rowling
October 14-15, 2016
Naper Settlement’s Century Memorial Chapel


In No Particular Order

Young Lilly Isabella Newhuis
Young James Josh Dennison
Young Tom Riddle/Voldemort Frank Gomulka
Young Sirius Black Justin Lee
Young Tonks Kara Garland
Young Bellatrix Emma Lee
Young Lucius Malfoy Danielle Keeling
Young Snape Brady Cotler
Dumbledore Jay Hruska
McGonagall Karen Garland
Molly Weasley Kate Ray
Prof Flitwick Joe Ray
Dolores Umbridge Jill Hruska
Pomona Sprout Alice Wych
Prof Trelawney Pam Smith

Staff & Crew

Production Staff

Director, Costume Designer Kris Visher
Technical Director, Set and Light Design Joe Pietrie
Sound Design, Stage Manager Timothy Ray

Technical Crew

Lights/Sound/Crew Timothy Ray, Jacob Wych
Costume Crew Kris Visher
Hair and Make-up Crew