Peter Pan – 2015

January 16-25, 2015

Performed at Naperville Central High School Auditorium

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Peter Pan
A Musical Based on the Play by Sir J.M. Barrie
Lyrics by Carolyn Leigh
Music by Morris (Moose) Charlap
Additional Lyrics by Betty Comden and Adolph Green
Additional Music by Jule Styne
Originally directed, choreographed and adapted by Jerome Robbins


In Order of Appearance

Wendy Moira Angela Darling Isabella Newhuis
John Napoleon Darling Brady Cotler
Liza Tina Boffa
Michael Nicholas Darling Max Sype
Nana Noelle Maher
Mrs. Darling Allison Fosdick
Mr. Darling Chris Oechsel
Tinker Bell Skylar McClure
Peter Pan Emma Lee
Captain Hook Chris Oechsel
Smee Whitney Fose
The Crocodile Noelle Maher
Tiger Lily Taylor Oechsel
Grown-up Wendy Allison Fosdick
Jane Kara Garland

Neverland Animals

Jacques the Mouse Julia Boffa
White Rabbit Rita Boffa
Octavius Emma Carlson
Piglet Emilie Casey
Cowardly Lion Megan Conrad
Roo Katie de Waard
Lindbergh the Ostrich Maddie Muldoon
Kanga Rebekah Szilagyi

Lost Boys

Slightly Madeleine Barbeau
Don’t Tell Evan Benson
Twin #2 Jacob Budz
Twin #1 Lauren Fisher
Ace Justin Garland
Curly Elizabeth Hayes
Nibs Emma Hutchison
Rufio Justin Lee
Don’t Ask Ryan Madson
Pockets Luke McClure
Tootles Clare O’Donnell
Too Small Evan Pegorsch
Thud Butt Jakob Zeitner


Robert Mullens John Blasdel
Jukes Mark Carlson
George Scourie John Dennison
Canary Robb Allison Fosdick
Skylights Lynn Hodak
Cecco Heather Hutchison
Alf Mason Rick Love
Whibbles Ryan Renc
Noodler Claire Rogoski
Foggerty Alex Schedel
Gentleman Starkey Jim Visher


Light Mountain Maddy Cuasay
Yellow Hatchet Kara Garland
Small River Mia Knutson
Quick Arrow Mia Lee
Thin White Beak Nicole McCallion
Rushing River Katie Paulsen
Soaring Feather Francesca Raddatz
Falling Trail Ellie Schober
Silver Hawk Avery Sipla
Red Eagle Justin Smusz

Production Staff

Producer Kate Ray
Director Kris Visher
Assistant Director Melissa Matthews
Music Director John Apple
Choreographers Katy Wenger, Joni Wiltz-Berkley
Technical Director Chris Wych
Scenic Designer Chris Wych
Lighting Designer Bob Haddleton
Sound Designer Marty Lick
Stage Manager Timothy Ray
Costume Designer Beth Lee
Costume Co-Designer Karen Garland
Hair and Make-up Designer Diane Link
Properties and Set Decoration Jody Lee
Dance Captain Avery Sipla
Stage Fight Director Britain Willcock
Stage Fight Assistant Zach Bortot
Stage Fight Captain Timothy Ray

Production Committees

Set Construction Chris Wych (Master Carpenter), Jay Hruska, Bob Ludlam, Jennifer Ramey, Jim Visher, Britain Willcock, Alice Wych, Jake Wych
Scenic Artist Alice Wych
Costume Committee Judy Gordon, Greg Lee, Mia Lee, Neveen Michael, Claire Rogoski, Danielle Roth, Allison Tong, Howard Tong, Maddie Tong, Robbin Tong, Donna Van, JoAnn Withington
Hair and Make-up Committee Eileen Boffa, Lauren De Simone, Lynn Hayes, Gale McClure
Properties & Set Decoration Committee Rosanne McCallion, Nicole McCallion, Jennifer Ramey

Technical Crew

Deck Manager Simone Pacha
Fly Rail Captain Jake Wych
Flight Team Leader Bob Ludlam
Flight Team Logan Cotler, Claire Diedrich, Julianna Doll, Michael Doll, Jay Hruska, Jill Hruska, Alice Wych, Chris Wych
Backstage Crew Cheyenne Carmona, Eric Haddleton
Light Board Operator Melissa Matthews
Sound Board Operator Marty Lick
Spotlight Operators Joshua Coronado, Morgan Milmore, Kara Garland, Katie Paulsen


Naperville Park District Program Director Brittany Malatt
Publicity Kelly McClintock
Photography Connie Fisher, Greg Lee, Jim Visher
Audition Pianist Michelle Braxton
Rehearsal Pianist Yanli Ding
House Manager Matt Fisher
Program Design Timothy Ray
Sign Language Interpreter Patti Shore Kaden


Conductor: John Apple

Violin Jacob Johnson
Flute/Piccolo Gina Torbett
Oboe/English Horn Tyler Selvig
Clarinet Victoria Pollock
Bass Clarinet Tommy Krohn
Horn Leigh Apple
Trumpet Amy Huggins, Ricky Janito, John Gormon
Trombone Janae Lemmert
Harp Lauren McCombe
Keyboards Bob Kresz
Bass Chuck Torbett
Percussion Jim Schluchter