Matilda- The Musical – 2023

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Matilda- The Musical
January 13-15 & 20-22, 2023
Naperville Central High School Auditorium
Book by Dennis Kelly / Music & Lyrics by Tim Minchin


In Order of Appearance

Children’s Entertainer Trish Micus
Doctor Shannon Webb
Mrs. Wormwood Danielle Rothe
Mr. Wormwood Andy Emmerich
Matilda Naya James, Priesha Maheshwari
Michael Wormwood J.C. Crosley-Corcoran
      and on occasion Harper Messier
Mrs. Phelps Gretchen Gannon
      and on occasion Lynn Hodak
Miss Honey Emma Cook
      and on occasion Rowan Currie
The Escapologist Kyle Halkerston
The Acrobat Allison Sohn Fosdick
Miss Trunchbull Mark Geiger
      and on occasion Dave Scriven-Young
Rudolpho Kevin Gum
Sergei Kyle Halkerston
Bruce Rogan Jackson
      and on occasion Luke Diendorf
Lavender Corinne Okpebholo
      and on occasion Piper Sobel
Nigel Will Diendorf
Amanda Miriam Filer
      and on occasion Alexandria Danley
Erica Trisha Shetty


Samantha Anders
Alexandra Budney
Anissa Danley
Andrea Behegan Gough
Joy Haddleton
Jay Hruska
Maddi Kwilosz
Michelle LaFranzo
William Lardner
Eva Okpebholo
Darby Schober
Liz Torbett
Willa Zatzenbloom

Staff & Crew

Production Staff

Producer Emily Walker
Director AnnaMarie Ahonen
Choreographer Jeanne Oconnell
Assistant Director Andrea Behegan Gough
Music Director John Apple
Production Stage Manager Timothy Ray
Scenic Design & Technical Direction Chris Wych
Costume Design Kathy Musselman
Lighting Design Bob Haddleton
Sound Design Marty Lick
Hair and Makeup Design Diane Link

Production Leaders/Committees

Projection Design Bob Haddleton, Chris Wych
Assistant Music Director Leigh Apple
Set Construction/Scenic Artists AnnaMarie Ahonen, Julia Anders, Nicole Anders, Rob Anders, Samantha Anders, TJ Anders, Emma Cook, John Diendorf, Luke Diendorf, Will Diendorf, Andy Emmerich, Gretchen Gannon, Mark Geiger, Joy Haddleton, Kyle Halkerston, Jay Hruska, Vivian James, Kofi James, Barb Mahoney, Kelly Mahoney, Jessica McNamara, Tony Pajakowski, Charlie Scriven‑Young, Dave Scriven‑Young, Darby Schober, Allison Sohn Fosdick, Alice Wych, Chris Wych, Jacob Wych
Properties Lead Rosanne McCallion
Properties and Set Decoration Planning Simone Pacha
Lighting and Sound Team Bob Haddleton, Joy Haddleton, Marty Lick, Jim Schluchter, Chuck Torbett

Technical Crew

Hair and Makeup Team Vivian James, Kelly Lamich, Diane Link, Jessica McNamara
Fly Rail Captain Jeremy Lyon
Backstage Crew Rob Anders, Jeff Heath, Marie Walker, Chris Wych
Light Board Operator Alice Wych
Sound Board Operator Marty Lick
Spotlight Operators Bob Haddleton, Jake Wych


Naperville Park District Program Manager Brittany Malatt
Audition Pianist Yu Ling Castillo
Audition Team AnnaMarie Ahonen, John Apple, Leigh Apple, Jodi Bernicky, Diane Link, Timothy Ray, Emily Walker, Marie Walker, Alice Wych, Chris Wych, Jake Wych
Rehearsal Sign Language Interpreter Patti Shore Kaden
Publicity Jodi Bernicky
Production Photography Connie Fisher
Website Manager Chris Wych
Volunteer Coordinator Emily Walker
Program Design Timothy Ray, Chris Wych

Front-of-House Staff

House Managers John Diendorf, Kelly Mahoney
Ushers Julia Anders, Nicole Anders, Tammy Boyle, Tracey Jackson, Ryan Jackson, Nadda Kwilosz, Kate Loeffler, Barb Mahoney, Michael Mahoney, John Mostacci, Dorothy Okepebholo, Shawn Okepebholo, Karen Petracek, Dale Pfaff, Charlie Scriven‑Young, Henry Scriven‑Young, Kathy Scriven‑Young, Ben Torbett, Cathy Willis
Performance Sign Language Interpreters Patti Shore Kaden, Dan Englund

Magical Starlight Orchestra

Conductor: John Apple

Flute/Clarinet/Alto Sax Gina Torbett
Clarinet/Bass Clarinet/Tenor Sax Kurt Makaryk
Trumpet 1 Bobby Lark
Trumpet 2 Amy Huggins
Horn Leigh Apple
Trombone Janae Lemmert
Piano Justin Triezenberg
Keyboard Amy Jackson
Violin Kiersten Scherer
Cello Michelle Boban, Caitlyn Vos
Bass Chuck Torbett
Guitar Michael Lockler
Percussion Jim Schluchter

Photo Gallery