Alice in Wonderland – 2005


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Alice in Wonderland
Based on the classic by Lewis Carroll
A Play in Two Acts by Anne Coulter Martens
Directed by Katie Long Piper


In Order of Appearance

Cheshire Cat Amanda Walsh
White Rabbit Karen Arnold
Alice Lauren Roesner
Caterpillar Kristen Speckmann
Footman and Executioner John Ludlam
Cook Kay Oliver
Duchess Cathy Geers
Humpty Dumpty Brett Baleskie

Flower Girls / Heart Children

Violet and Princess Dana Savanna Hoffman
Rose and Princess Abigail Erica Duda
Petunia and Princess Valerie Jordan Piper
Card Soldier Stanley Nathan Link
Card Soldier Milton Dennis Raleigh
Card Soldier Henry Mickey Terlep
Mad Hatter Patrick Reilly
March Hare Justin Triezenberg
Dormouse Betsy McKay
Queen Sandra Lulay
King Dan Roesner
Knave Carter McCoy
Courtier and Gryphon Victoria Visher
TweedleDee Jonathan Kaden
TweedleDum Michael Raleigh
Mock Turtle Stuart Vance
Hector Joanna Brodecki

Sign Language Interpreters

Vicky Glidewell
Patti Shore Kaden

Staff & Crew

Production Staff

Producer Cynthia Katz
Director Katie Long Piper
Assistant Director Patti Shore Kaden
Set Designer and Technical Director Nick France
Stage Manager Nicole Lohmar
Costume Designer Kris Visher
Assistant Costumer Kate Ray
Hair and Make-Up Diane Link
Props and Set Decoration Stuart Vance
Photographer Jim Visher
Publicity Donna Brodecki
House Manager Suzanne Duda
Wrangler Coordinator Rae Long
Naperville Park District Program Director Betty Roth

Technical Crew

Light Designer Dan McDonald
Light Board Operator Kobus Labuschagne
Sound Technician Harrison Bralower
Deck Manager Devin Whitehouse
Props Kristen Eshelman
Set Construction Geoggrey Rommel
Set Painting Darlene McCoy
Spot Operator Ayssa Fornicola
Stage Carpenters Kobus Labuschagne, Kristen Eshelman, Ben MacRae, Whay Cheng, and Stephanie Levasseur
Props Committee Rae Long and Darlene McCoy
Music / Sound Effects Ginger Terlep, Roger Piper and Peter Michuda
Costume Team Christina Ferrari, Cynthia Katz, Diane Link, Kendra Maxwell, Cindy Reilly, Patricia Rossetti, Sherry Rossetti, Jim Visher and Lauren Visher